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Dr. Phil's Guests

Melody Meadows as Celine DijohnCeline Dijohn (Melody Meadows) is recovering from a severe fall after her ego collapsed.


Ryan Sears as Heath Richard | Cheryl Burke as Marta Stewart
Heath Richard (Ryan Sears), who, because of his recreational habits, has built up a resistance to all known toxins. Marta Stewart (Cheryl Burke) was about to announce her new fashion line of sweat shop seconds when they were rejected by Gabe's, Goodwill and several landfills.
Butch Maxwell as Tom Clooze | Bert Furioli as Dr. Phil

Action movie star and celebrity couch-jumper Tom Clooze (Butch Maxwell), who just won his most recent award - most hated celebrity - finally edging out Simon Cowell and Michael Jackson. Tonight Dr. Phil (Bert Furioli) is going to make them all "Get Real!"

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Last updated: January 30, 2012