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Arlene Merryman as Dorothy protects her little dog, Tito, from Bert Furioli as Mr. Gulp, who say the EPA has declared Tito a hazardous waste dumper. Dorothy protects her little dog, Tito, from the mean Mr. Gulp.
Arlene Merryman as Dorothy just loves a stiff... wind. Dorothy is carried away by a Twister - and it's not the game, either.Gino Angelo, Butch Maxwell and Ryan Sears as the Three Minchkin Stooges
The Minckins, representing the Lollipop Guild Local 573. Butch Maxwell as the Scarecrow has no problems a lot of money wouldn't solve Scarecrow says people do go both ways, as a personal lifestyle choice.
Cheryl Burke as Dorothy says she needs a big strong escort, but tells Butch Maxwell as Scarecrow he'll do in a pinch. Dorothy thinks Scarecrow could go along with her to get Odds to give him money.
Arlene Merryman as Dorothy is suckered into buying blank maps to the Emeril City from Gino Angelo as the Italian Cowering Lion. He tells her if she wants maps with printing, that's gonna cost her extra. Dorothy lets the Lion go along, too, since he's looking for a new scam.
Arlene Merryman as Dorothy is charmed by Ryan Sears as the silent Tin Man. Lion tells Dorothy that Tin Man is not metal, "He's just a little slow."
Bert Furioli as the Wicked Witch trapped inside a warlock's body. The Witch casts a spell with "A peck of poisoned poppers."
Bert Furioli (center) appears as Odds Odds appears in a strange disguise.
Ryan Sears (left) as Tin Man mocks Butch Maxwell (right) as Scarecrow. Tin Man impersonates Scarecrow.
Arlene Merryman as Odds out of disguise. Odds taking his final form.
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Last updated: October 12, 2008