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Star Bores Cast
Cast from left to right: Michael Moran as Luke Flyswatter, Butch Maxwell as Ham Solo, Renee Zelinski as Princess Layla, Ryan Sears as Garth Vader, and Bert Furioli as Emperor Palipitation.


Michael Moran as Luke FlyswatterRenee Zelinski as Princess LaylaButch Maxwell as Ham Solo


Luke Flyswatter, (above, left) – Jedi Knight. He is semi-retired after saving the galaxy. His light saber is extremely deadly and it makes perfectly-toasted grilled cheese sandwiches. Princess Layla, (above, center) – Luke’s sister. She got her hairstyle from TJ Cinnamon’s. Ham Solo, (above, right) – Layla’s suave but grouchy husband is a former smuggler, but he is now settled into married life. He was once arrested for stealing the Royal Crown of Cola-5.

Ryan Sears as Garth VaderBert Furioli as Emperor Palipitation

Garth Vader, (above, left) – cousin of Luke’s now-dead father and nemesis. In grade school, kids called him “Wheezy.” Emperor Palipitation, (above, right) – brother and successor to recently demised Emperor. He was voted most likely to become a despot in Emperor School.

Above: May, 2016 cast from left: Josh DeBeni, Bert Furioli, Meghan Ross, Butch Maxwell, and Michael Moran.

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Last updated: May 14, 2016