The Characters of "You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown!"

Bert Furioli as Chuckie BrownRyan Sears as Scoopy

Chuckie Bown (Bert Furioli) is still living in his old hometown, in his parents' basement, where he enjoys building kites to feed to local trees. He uses his natural talents in his day job - his head is a model for basketballs.

Scoopy (Ryan Sears) is still Chuckie Brown's best friend. Actually, he may be Chuckie Brown's only friend. Which is pathetic, considering the fact that after all these years, Scoopy still regards him as "That round-headed guy who feeds me."

Butch Maxwell as MinusMaura Schneider as MoocyGino Angelo as Schrover

Minus Van Smelt (Butch Maxwell) has become a successful a special events promoter, staging concerts, rallies and some really outrageous fraternity parties. But every year he comes back home to promote his favorite event - the Great Pumpkin Festival. Unfortunately, the guest of honor never appears.

Moocy Van Smelt (Maura Schneider) is now a famous psychologist and author of popular self-help books, such as "Mental Illness is for Woosies," "Shut Up and Pull Yourself Together" and "Stop Whining, Your Time Is Up."

Schrover (Gino Angelo) long ago moved to San Francisco to pursue his musical career. After failing to become a concert pianist, he decided to make a living at piano bars, specializing in show tunes and songs by Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand and Bette Midler.

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