Scenes from "You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown"

Ryan Sears as Scoopy as the World War I Flying Ace | Moocy (Maura Schneider) bullies Chuckie Brown (Bert Furioli). | Gino Angelo as Schrover, who has gotten a little fancy over the past few years.

Bert Furioli backstage as Chuckie | Maura Schneider as Moocy scheming | Goodstock consults with the World War I Flying Ace | Chuckie Brown threatens to get Scoopy fixed

Ryan Sears as Scoopy, at rest | As Scoopy (Ryan Sears) snoozes on top of his house, Minus (Butch Maxwell) hatches a scheme with Chuckie Brown (Bert Furioli).

Minus in an uncomfortable hig with Schrover | Moocy in a sultry pose | The Birth of a Pumpkin Seed | Program

Minus convinces Chuckie Brown to impersonate the Great Pumpkin | Scoopy thinks Schrover likes him a little too much | Moocy shrugs off Chuckie Brown's lack of athletic ability

Minus (Butch Maxwell) strangles Chuckie Brown (Bert Furioli. | Schrover (Gino Angelo) does his interpretive dance of the birth of a pumpkin | Moocy isn't sure whether Chuckie Brown is dead or just dispondent... again. | Scoopy prepares for battle. | Chuckie Brown, depressed
as usual.

The cast sings the big production 
number You're a Dead Man, Chuckie Brown | Sadder than a country song, dumber than the night is long

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Scoopy rocks! | Bert Furioli, Butch Maxwell anf Ryan Sears awarding winners' prizes

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