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Mayberry RIP

Mayberry - the town time forgot. Maybe it is because time drank itself into a stupor after visiting. The town sheriff is a laid-back widower with a young son and a controlling old aunt. The deputy sheriff is a nervous wreck with big ambitions. The town mechanic is mentally-challenged, the town barber is strangely menacing and the town drunk locks himself up in the jail to protect the community from his flatulence. Nobody ever leaves Mayberry alive. They just live on forever in reruns.

Bert Furioli as Andy Jaylor Ryan Sears as Barney Strife
(above)Sheriff Andy Jailor - Deputy Barney Strife

Andy Jaylor has never fired his gun in the line of duty. Off duty, he likes to take shots at Dopey when the boy doesn’t make his bed.

Barney Strife was asked to join the FBI, but he refused when he found out it was the Federal Bureau of Incontinents.

Renee Zelinski as Aunt BeeButch Maxwell as Floyd the BarberDustin Heavilin as Goober Fyle
(above)Aunt Bee - Floyd the Barber - Goober

Aunt Bee Jaylor has been a homemaker for forty-five years and a homewrecker for forty.

Floyd the Barber started his haircutting career in grade school when he gave his second grade teacher a crewcut with his safety scissors.

Goober Fyle runs the only gas station in Mayberry. He guarantees the cleanest windshields in town because he uses his tongue as a squeegee.

Original (2010) Cast:
Andy: Bert Furioli
Barney: Ryan Sears
Aunt Bee: Arlene Merryman
Floyd: Butch Maxwell
Goober: Dustin Heavilin

Understudies (New Year's Eve)
Floyd: Sean Decker

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Last updated: June 10, 2013