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Shannan Noe as Sleeping Booty Renee Zelinski as Ho White Ryan Sears as Cinderhella

Sleeping Booty – Her sleep number is 29.
Ho White – has been in more laps than a napkin.
Cinderhella – used to ride bikes in a gang called Cinderhella’s Angels.

Butch Maxwell as Prince Smarmy Bert Furioli as Scary Godmother

Prince Smarmy – has mirrors in all the rooms in his castle – all 387.
Scary Godmother – moonlights as an oversized leprechaun. (Don’t ask about the gold.)

The Cast:
Prince Smarmy: Butch Maxwell
Sleeping Booty: Shannan Noe
Cinderhella: Ryan Sears
Ho White: Renee Zelisnki
Scary Godmother: Bert Furioli


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Last updated: May 6, 2015