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A Deadly Christmas Carol or What the Dickens?

Ryan sears as Woody Allen as Ebenezer ScroogeRyan Sears as Scrooge 2016 Bert Furioli as Rodney Dangerfield as Bob CratchitEvan Oslund as Bob Cratchet
Ebenezer Scrooge – In Manhattan, Scrooge was bananas over Annie Hall, but she was a small time crook with plenty of crimes and misdemeanors, so he took the money and ran.  

Bob Cratchit – Before Scrooge & Marley, he worked for another great miser: JC PenneyPincher.

Renee Zelenski as Mae West As Mrs. Cratchit Butch Maxwell as Pee Wee Herman as Fred Michael Moran as Phyllis Diller as BelleDustin HeavilinMelody meadowsButch Maxwell as Fred
Mrs. Cratchit – She climbed the ladder of success wrong by wrong.

– Scrooge’s nephew likes Christmas so much, he wears tinsel underpants.
– Scrooge’s former girlfriend refused to sign his pre-nuptial or his post-toasties. 

The Original Cast:
Ebenezer Scrooge: Ryan Sears
Bob Cratchit: Bert Furioli
Mrs. Cratchit: Renee Zelenski
Fred: Butch Maxwellell
Belle: Michael Moran
Gentlemen: Butch Maxwell, Renee Zelenski & Michael Moran
Jacob Marley: Michael Moran
Ghost of Christmas Past: Bert Furioli
Young Scrooge:
Renee Zelenski
Fessiwig: Butch Maxwell
Ghost of Christmas Present: Butch Maxwell
Ghost of Christmas Future: Renee Zelenski
Tiny Tim: Michael Moran

Extended Video Highlights:

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Last updated: January 15, 2017