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Who Killed the Top Chef?Top Chef Cast

Butch Maxwell as Gordon Ramseed
Gordon Ramseed – The foul-mouthed host of the show flunked out of anger management and has to go to summer school. He had to have a plate put in his head after an unfortunate encounter with a rogue toaster.
Michael Moran as Emeril LaGrossie
Emeril LaGrossie –  He likes to grill steaks, especially after Lucky Lady loses in the fifth race. Emeril is proud to be from Jersey, where he lives next door to Snooki. He often stops by to borrow a cup of sugar.
Ryan Sears as Anthony Bordeaux
Anthony Bordeaux – After his show was cancelled, he decided to rebrand himself: He became French, in order to become host of “Le Cuisine a-Go-Go.” He hopes to one day work at the Bullion Rouge. He thinks Paula Deenie is a food terrorist named Osama Bin Ladle.
Renee Zelinski as Paula Deanie
Paula Deanie– has a reputation of being indestructible. She has survived earthquakes, fires and her own cheesecake. She believes you can never have too much fun or too much fat. Despite the recent controversy, Paula has written a new diet cookbook called “Heck, Something’s Gonna Kill Ya Sooner or Later, Y’All.”
Bert Furiloi as Chef O-Boy-R-Dee
Chef O-Boy-R-Dee – When the Chef first came to America, all he had was a spaghetti strainer and a dream. His favorite pasta is shaped like Spongebob.

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Last updated: May 4, 2012