Inside Tales from the Script

Gino Angelo as the congressmanCongressman Beauregard "Foghorn" Jackson IV is desperate to get national attention to clinch his re-election, which will assure that his love life won't be restricted to his wife.

Bert Furioli as Boris KissoffRankenstein Monster star Boris Kissoff has been working at the Actor's Studio with a lot of other actors he is sure will never amount to anything - James Dean, Marlon Brando and Wally Cox.

Ryan Sears as the WoofmanWoofman star Ron Cheyney Jr. has been touring the County Fair circuit lately. He placed Best in Show twice.

Butch Maxwell as Bela LagrossiDragula star Bella Lagrossi was once fired as spokesman for the Red Cross for "drinking the donations."

Maura Schneider as Miss ThistlewhistleMiss Thistlewhistle got her job with Congressman Jackson when she told him she wanted to work in Washington to "service her countrymen."

Boris sings about the previous Vampira.

Vera Barton-Caro as Thistlewhistle and Bert Furioli as Boris Kissoff

Who are the real monsters? The actors or the politician?

Michael Moran as Ron Cheney JrButch Maxwell as Bela Lagrossi Michael Moran as the congressmanBert Furioli as Boris Kissoff

Butch Maxwell as Bela Lagrossi crooningGino Angelo as Congressman Jackson, threateningRyan Sears as Ron Cheney Jr, charmingMaura Schneider as Honeydew Thistlewhistle in her first starring role

Maura Schneider as HoneydewThistlewhistle taking dictationRyan Sears as Ron Cheney Jr, rocking outButch Maxwell as Bela Lagrossi at rest

Butch Maxwell, Gino Angelo and Maura SchneiderButch Maxwell as BelaMaura Schneider, Bert Furioli, Butch Maxwell, and Ryan Sears

A climactic scene in the story.

Michael Moran, Vera Barton-Caro and Bert Furioli with Butch Maxwell as Bela Lagrossi

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