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Tone Def

Tone Def

The quintessential post-punk rock band, Tone Def, had a meteoric rise to fame in 1985 with the stunning success of their first album, "Aural Surgery." After a tour warming up for major acts such as Mentalica and Flock of Stephen Siegels, the band quickly drew the attention of loaded rock fans with its shocking showmanship, bad behavior, and volume. Buoyed by the instant success, the band's manager encouraged them to break its recording contract and form its own label, Loud Records, and it created its own touring rock festival, Gullibleooza. A follow-up album, "Bleeding Ears," was a critical and commercial failure and the summer tour to support it was relegated to county fairs and ribbon-cuttings. While working on their third album, "Comeback (or Just Breathe Hard)," the band split in a dispute over artistic differences, management concerns and a woman.

Gash - LA-based lead guitarist whose stage antics were once legendary. As the band’s intellectual, he put the "dough" in "pseudo intellectual." His interest in Lunitarian religion introduced him to unusual instruments such as theremin, jaw harps and partially empty soda pop bottles.

Eli Johnson
Eli Johnson - Outrageous hard rocking rhythm guitarist from Flint, Michigan. A party animal, he was voted most likely to smash hotel rooms.

David Boney
David Boney - Androgynous pop singer and bassist from Manchester, England, with a strong affinity for mind-altering drugs.

Wrongo Squat
- The rhythm-challenged drummer from Miami, Florida, with a passionfor junk food and televison sports.

Morey Schwartzmeyer
Morey Schwartzmeyer
- Brooklyn's most ambitious would-be manager (and disbarred lawyer) whose ruthless tutelage brought the band to fame, fortune and failure.

Binaca Bruja
Binaca Bruja
- A cunning Central American former fashion model who first dated Eli, then became engaged to Gash, influenced him to leave the band and start a real career.

Tone Def and Binaca

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Last updated: January 27, 2012