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Pirates of Poughkeepsie

Butch Maxwell as Captain Jack Narrow
Captain Jack Narrow – The captain of the Pink Pearl made his pirate reputation by being sneaky, ruthless and drinking more rum than most people could handle.

Bert Furioli as Hector Barbasol
Hector Barbasol
– Jack's first mate is biding his time for an opportunity to take over the ship.

Michale Moran as Squeegee
–  Barbasol's patch-eyed quartermaster wants nothing more than Barbasol's respect and a wench of his own – just once.

Ryan sears as Lord Culler Brecknell
Lord Culler Brecknell
– Fancy British aristocrat, wants to prove his manhood to Elizabeth before they marry.

Shannan Noe as Elizabeth Squabb
Elizabeth Squab
– Before she gets married to Lord Brecknell, the self-possessed fiancée wants a little adventure and a great big treasure.

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Last updated: June 8, 2014