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All about Johnny
All about Joanie
All about Bongo
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As seen in the original (2015) staging:

Butch Maxwell as Johnny ArmstrongRenee Zelinski as Joanie ChachiBert Furioli as Bongo

Johnny Armstrong, all-American high school student, once scored three touchdowns in one game. Unfortunately that game was baseball.
Joanie Chachi has a poodle skirt made from a live poodle. She is saving herself for marriage, so she is chaste, although she wouldn’t mind being chased.
Bongo, Johnny’s best friend, once belonged to a folk trio called Peter, Paul and Bongo. He played the pennywhistle.

Dustin Heavilin as Popov SmirnoffMichael Moran as Jack Storm

Popov Smirnoff, exchange student, can’t decide if he wants to be a chemist or a male model.
Special Agent Jack Storm, a government investigator, went undercover in East Germany as a bratwurst.  

The 2021 Cast:
Johnny Armstrong: Sean Decker
Joanie Chachi: Renee Zelisnki
Bongo: Evan Oslund
Popov Smirnoff: Dustin Heavilin
Special Agent Jack Storm: Butch Maxwell

The Original Cast:
Johnny Armstrong: Butch Maxwell
Joanie Chachi: Renee Zelisnki
Bongo: Bert Furioli
Popov Smirnoff: Dustin Heavilin
Special Agent Jack Storm: Michael Moran
Understudy - Popov Smirnoff: Josh Debeni

Josh DeBeni as Popov SmirnoffJohnny B. Dead Original Cast

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Last updated: October 18, 2021