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Dr. Jackal and Mr. Hype

Michael Moran as Dr. Jackal
Dr. Henry Jackal – the nerdish but ambitious scientist and physician got his first chemistry set when he was 12 – the same year his sister went mysteriously bald.
Renee Zelenski as Prudence Prissywood
Prudence Prissywood – Jackal’s patient and research subject, she was raised in relative poverty. Her family only had six butlers, seven housemaids and only one partridge in her pair tree.
Ryan Sears as Ratso
Ratso – Dr. Jackal's hunckbacked assistant doesn’t really have a hump. It’s a wart he got from a really big toad.
Butch Maxwell as Sheerluck Holmes
Sheerluck Holmes – renown detective, he was the smartest student in his class, and the most de-pantsed.
Bert Furioli as Dr. Watson
Dr. John Watson – Holmes' assistant, he met Sheerluck Holmes at school, when Watson de-pantsed Holmes.

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Last updated: February 2, 2012