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Dead of the Class

Cast of Dead of the Class


Coach KrunkCoach Krunk– Point Pleasant High’s legendary football coach and faculty head of the Reunion Committee has recently returned from a sabbatical at the Gary Busey School of Anger Management. Because of school cutbacks, he has to use freshmen as tackling dummies.
Tank HughesTank Hughes – Former star quarterback for the Point Pleasant High School Mothmen, he was the most popular man on campus, but now he’s been put out to pass-ture. He recently lost money investing in a sports drink made from potatoes called “Taterade.”
Holly HoxHolly Hox Former head cheerleader, Homecoming Queen and Prom Queen, she was also the president of the Mean Girls’ Club. Today, she hosts a reality show for pom-pom girls. It’s called “So You Think You Can Cheer.”
Marvin GardensMarvin Gardens – Former class valedictorian, his greatest achievement is the world’s greatest collection of comic books. In high school, he was president of the Chess Club and was voted the Class of 1988’s most unpopular student. He invented a drone for the military made out of a Pringle can and a weed whacker.
Olive BoyleOlive Boyle – A natural in library sciences, she has a gift for going unnoticed. She lost her bid for the Class of 1988’s most unpopular student because nobody knew who she was. She can recite the Dewey Decimal System in Klingon.

Coach Krunk
Coach Krunk
got into coaching mostly because he enjoyed the clothing fashions.

Tank and Holly
Tank Hughes and Holly Cox
were the most poular students in the Class of '88. They have gone on to underwhelming achievements.

Tank and Marvin
favorite passtime in high school was tormenting Marvin Gardens.

Olive on the bleachers.
Olive Boyle
always sat with all her friends at school functions.

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Last updated: March 20, 2013