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The Calamityville Horror

Beiberjuice Mrs. Cadaver Ratso
[Left] The ghost who haunts Calamity Manor, he had to give up drinking Bloody Marys when Mary ran out of blood.
Mrs. Cadaver [Center] Housekeeper at Calamity Manor, she used to model underwear for Fruit of the Tomb.
Ratso [Right] Groundskeeper at Calamity Manor, he was, in high school, voted Class Hump.
Snookums Madame Mesmer
Snookums Tortellini
[Left] A hard-edged girl from New Jersey who is trying to grow her nail salon business, she loves her dog Fluffy Wuffy like a child. Her greatest embarrassment was when she wore a pair of shoes from Walmart.
Madame Mesmer [Right] Psychic, mystic and bio-exorcist, she once hypnotized Keanu Reeves into believing he could act.

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Last updated: October 18, 2013